1. Thin[gk]athon des Smart Systems Hub

The Smart Systems Hub Dresden cordially invites you to join for the 1st Smart Systems Hub Thin[gk]athon hold from March 4. – 7, 2019 in order to develop new concepts and to proof your hacking skills.

In 30h small teams are guests in our premium partner SAP’s location in dresden to solve challenges in the fields of energy management, smart cities with technologies like the NB-IoT, block chain, machine learning, etc..

Everything you need is your laptop, creative ideas and fun with hacking. We provide hardware kits and various APIs to fuel your ideas.

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SAP and Smart Systems Hub sign cooperation contract

Hoher Besuch bei SAP in Dresden. Deutschland-Chef Dr. Daniel Holz ist heute zu Gast in der Dresdner Niederlassung des Walldorfer Softwareunternehmens. Der SAP-Geschäftsführer war angereist, um den Kooperationsvertrag mit dem sächsischen „Smart Systems Hub – Enabling IoT“ zu unterzeichnen. „Mit der Unterschrift des Partners SAP startet unser Digitalhub nun in die heiße Phase: Die Struktur steht, jetzt beginnt die inhaltliche Arbeit. Die persönliche Unterzeichnung seitens Dr. Holz unterstreicht den Stellenwert, den SAP dem Smart Systems Hub beimisst“, so Michael Kaiser, Geschäftsführer der Smart Systems Hub GmbH.

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Cooperation agreement signed with T-Systems MMS

T-Systems Multimedia Solutions (MMS) hat einen Kooperationsvertrag mit dem Smart Systems Hub abgeschlossen. Er wurde jetzt von Geschäftsführerin Susanne Heger und Prof. Frank Schönefeld, Mitglied der Geschäftsleitung, unterzeichnet. Mit dieser Unterschrift und der bevorstehenden Vertragsunterzeichnung durch weitere Key Partner aus der Region Dresden/Chemnitz ist ein wichtiger Meilenstein geschafft: Die Managementgesellschaft des Hubs kann ihre Arbeit aufnehmen.

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Smart Systems Hub is partner of SEMICON Europa 2018

From 13 to 16 November 2018, SEMICON Europa will be held in Munich together with electronica. More information…

Success in the Excellence Strategy

Congratulations to TU Dresden for the success by winning three out of six excellence clusters in the Excellence Strategy competition. A particular salute to winning clusters CeTI: Center for Tactile Internet, PoL: Physics of Life and ct.qmat: Complexity and Topology in Quantum Materials. Hence, the Technische Universität Dresden remains a University of Excellence.

Digitalization of the Future

Like no other technological evolution digitalization seizes and penetrates both our daily life as well as our economy and industry. For businesses, digitalization is currently one of the most striking issues to implement for successfully competing on the markets.

Digital Hub Initiative of the Federal Ministry

The German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (abbr.: BMWi) promotes the development of digital hubs in Germany with its Digital Hub Initiative for strategic Support on the Cooperation of Businesses, Founders and Science. Collaboration and networking at one common site accelerates new innovations and business models. Find out more on the Digital Hub Initiative of the BMWi here.

On the 15th of March 2017, two Saxon applications have been submitted on the tender “de:hub” of the BMWi. The city of Dresden presented a concept called “Smart Systems Hub – Enabling IoT” whereas the application of Leipzig focussed on the field of “Smart Infrastructure”. Out of a large number of applicants both concepts have been chosen as one of the twelve Hub-locations nationwide. Since the announcement of the BMWi on the 21st of April 2017, both approaches are promoted as the joint “Smart Systems & Infrastructure Hub”.

The Dresden Concept: Integration of Hardware, Software and Connectivity

The Dresden Concept Smart Systems – Enabling IoT focusses on the comprehensive integration of hardware, software and connectivity as the foundation of our digital future. These are key success factors for the digital transformation of businesses of all sizes and branches: the intelligent professional and technical integration of users, different devices and business models on a basis of a simply applicable, standardized, safe, globally available and scalable software platform.

Since October 2016, a taskforce has initiated the Smart Systems Hubs assisted by the Technical University Dresden, Silicon Saxony e.V., Hightech Startbahn, Fraunhofer as well as Bitkom, the Free State of Saxony, the HTW Dresden and more actors from the world of economy and science. Main activities of the taskforce comprise gaining new partners and necessary financing as well as spatial and organisational planning for the Hub.


One-stop-shop for IoT solutions

Our mission is to support all kinds of institutions – but most and foremost SME – to master all challenges related to digital transformation. No matter if you are looking for research partners, initial consulting, strong talents or cooperation partners to start or adopt your business – we will support you in finding the right people.

The strong cooperation of existing networks such as HighTechStartbahn, 5GLab Germany or Silicon Saxony, backed by a strong commitment from local and regional authorities enables us to provide access to a wide variety of capable players for hardware, software and connectivity solutions that are required for building smart systems – within, but also beyond Saxony.



A Trail leads interested guests, managers, entrepreneurs, investors or students through the Smart Systems Hub. The different Trails exhibit the Hub’s specific fields of competence demonstrating innovative applications, technologies and business models on digitalization. Exchange, cooperation and collaboration shall arise between stakeholders inside and outside the Hub.

Any Trail is organised by a leading partner whose contact address you will find at the beginning of the Trail’s description. Trails might involve visits by partners, businesses or research institutions from all over Saxony, e.g. from Dresden, Chemnitz, Freiberg or Leipzig.

Further information on current Trail-offers:

Booking of Trails:

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A powerful network

The idea of the Dresden Hub is both simple and coherent: use the wide range of existing infrastructure, initiatives and collaborations and add new elements of the Hub concept. Therefore, the roadmap as well as the investments to realize the Hub remain manageable. Enthusiastic key actors empower whereas leading personalities from the world of politics, economy and science support and promote the concept.

Join Us

Slide sets to join the Smart Systems Hubs

On 4th of December 2017, a first workshop with various stakeholders of the Smart Systems Hub took place at the SAP Dresden office. The initial team presented its current state of work and discussed the status quo with the other participants. The day was concluded by the 1st Smart Systems Hub Meet-up. The results of the workshop were presented and a profound insight on the different Trails, esp. the Smart Sensor and Production Systems for Industrial IoT Trail, was provided. Further, the first image film of the Hub (on German) was introduced.

Links to the slides (on German):

Interfaces between excellent research and efficient and innovative businesses

Core of the Dresden Hub concept is the so-called Co-Innovation Center: The Hub brings together outstanding features of Saxony as a centre of business and science as well as the aspects internationality and connection of SMEs, Start-ups, academia and major corporations. Start-ups as well as well-established companies are, thus, able to affiliate temporary or permanent with research institutions in their direct neighbourhood.

A central Hub Office coordinates development, operation and networking of the Hub. It promotes the linkages of the whole Hub and its stakeholders inside and outside, accompanies actively the coordination of innovation processes and transfer measures and executes the necessary services. A Conference Center, an Hub Embassy, a Pub as well as the Dresden environment will cater for a „Campus-Feeling“ within the Smart Systems Hub – Enabling IoT.

Joint events such as Meet-ups, Code-Jams, Hackathons and new formats for issues like “Culture and Mind Change” will encourage a lively exchange. Mentoring for issues such as Design Thinking, Business Model Innovation, Lean Start-up and Entrepreneurship shall lead young companies and start-ups to interesting business models within a short amount of time. Joint projects and clients will promote innovations and put forth new products and services.

Such an environment provides the possibility to shape – together with the engaged institutions – a “Street of Experience”. Co-Working-Spaces, Design-Thinking, Hands-on-Experience, Venture-Consultations, Start-up-Communities and the university campus with relevant institutes and labs: all of these will lower the entry threshold for start-ups and small and medium-sized companies to the engaged institutions from academia and economy and provide possibilities to create a nationally and internationally visible innovation cosmos.

If you would like any more information or to take part in the Hub concept please do not hesitate to contact us.