29.05.2018 // 13th Silicon Saxony Day

Silicon Saxony – Your Gateway to the Smart Systems Hub

Internet of Things: A dynamic movement today becoming commonplace tomorrow. It is a network of physical elements incorporating electronics, sensors and the like, of software to exchange data, and of connectivity applications to enable different devices to communicate with each other.

As one of Europe’s most successful high-tech networks, Silicon Saxony mirrors perfectly the IoT-network, uniting 340 experts in electronics, semiconductor, microsystems and software industries, SMEs and start-ups. All of them aim and succeed at driving innovations for the Internet of Things and thus shaping tomorrow’s industry and society.   

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At the 13th Silicon Saxony Day, on 29 May 2018, in Dresden, national and international members of the high-tech network as well as high-profile participants will share their expertise, presenting new business models and offering their support to spin-offs and start-ups. The Silicon Saxony concept is to enable successful SMEs, innovative start-ups as well as global players to collaborate on the cross-industrial and -institutional level, use the open ecosystem, share, combine and co-develop ideas.

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