Smart Maintenance consistently integrated

Short Description:

The offered road show trail “Smart Maintenance – consistently integrated” demonstrates Industry 4.0, IoT and VR as a joint venture between Elco, 3DIT and SQL Projekt AG. A cooperative engineering solution is shown, in which data is used multiple times and consistently integrated or forms the basis for automated development processes. This has a tremendous optimization potential: Most machines and equipment do not have enough connectivity yet, where IoT (Elco) solutions start to fill in data gaps. The connection to third-party systems, such as SAP, makes planning and order data also available at the field level (SQL Project AG). Novel concepts for real-time visualization based on 3D data (3DIT), and real-time interaction based on Industrial Apps (Elco) also incorporate people according to their abilities in the factory of the future.


Dr. Stefan Hennig (Koordinator), Elco Industrie Automation GmbH
Stefan Ehrlich, SQL Projekt AG
Dr. Henry Wojcik, 3D Interaction Technologies GmbH

Target Group(s):

This roadshow trail is aimed at engineers and decision makers with responsibility for digitization projects as well as for the introduction and expansion of solutions for Industry 4.0. It addresses companies of all sizes of mechanical and plant engineering as well as plant operators who would like to find out about optimization possibilities based on innovative digitization approaches or specifically want to quantify the potential for optimization.

This roadshow trail deliberately does not determine itself to a specific industry.

Partner from Research, Industry:

Figure 1: Smart Maintenance system architecture, ©Elco Industrie Automation GmbH

Industrial apps enable many new and beneficial use cases within the industry. With its MONKEY WORKS brand, Elco stands for Industrial Apps – as simple as designing a PowerPoint slide. Software tools are available that enable the design, provisioning, distribution, and use of Industrial Apps without programming skills. Elco Group combines these software solutions with in-house IoT hardware to provide the customer with industrial IoT solutions from a single source – from the sensor to the cloud, to the humans, and back again.

Contact: Dr. Stefan Hennig

SQL Projekt AG

SQL Projekt AG is a specialized provider of consulting, development, support and training services in the field of data-driven business applications. The service portfolio is divided into following business areas: Databases, Business Intelligence & Analytics and Business Integration. With more than 25 years of experience in design and implementation of software solutions, the company is one of the most experienced and renowned companies in the market. The aim is to support medium-sized and large companies with exact solutions: with expert advice, diverse product solutions and flanking services.

Contact: Stefan Ehrlich


As a specialist in comprehensible representation, especially for the presentation of complex technologies, 3DIT sets new standards in 3D real-time visualization. In the first step we visualize a product, project or process system as an interactive 3D model, regardless of whether it’s about structure, functionality or variant variety. In a second step, we enrich this interactive 3D model via interfaces with almost any information such as prices, data, etc.

Contact: Dr. Henry Wojcik

Value Proposition:

Maintenance processes for machines and plants in production structures and at distributed locations have a high optimization potential. Already during the planning, allocation, logging and feedback of maintenance orders, media discontinuities cost valuable time and are sources of error. When placing an order not all important information about the situation on site are usually available, so tools, spare parts or specific knowledge about specific assemblies might be missing. This in turn leads to reworking and repetitions in the execution and thus to significant time losses. These problems are solved by Smart Maintenance.

Figure 2: Smart Maintenance solves these problems. ©SQL Projekt AG

For maintenance or repair of machinery and equipment, order data and parts lists are managed in ERP systems (e.g. SAP). When an order is triggered, the responsible technician receives the corresponding order digitally in his Industrial App. With tool and parts lists from the ERP system and the digital twin of the system the app already supports the preparation. With live process data and measurements the associated interactive 3D model helps with the assessment of the situation on site.

Machines or components that cannot yet digitally provide their process or measurement data to other systems, are equipped with IoT devices. Such an IoT device is no bigger than a deck of cards, but offers many possibilities for the connection of sensors and actuators and works sometimes several months without external power supply. Plant operators can easily start with digitization, rather than thinking about how to wire the machines.

Figure 3: Smart Maintenance Checklist App, ©Elco Industrie Automation GmbH

On-site, the app helps with clear references, checklists and shut down process descriptions, how to change parts and make any settings. All essential information, as the pressure on the line upstream of the valve or the temperature, are aggregated from the process and thus enriched the 3D model. Once the work has been completed, a log is generated from the checklist that is digitally signed back into the ERP system. The technician can prepare for the next job instead of spending time on documentation.

Figure 4: Smart Maintenance Planning and Controlling App, ©Elco Industrie Automation GmbH

The full integration of three components offers new opportunities for optimizing maintenance processes. A 3D model, which is automatically generated from the CAD data of the machine/plant, represents live process data and measured values from the production. Orders, parts lists, checklists, process descriptions are automatically loaded from the ERP system, the maintenance system and other Databases. The Industrial App aggregates all relevant data and controls the maintenance process. This way, the technician is optimally supported in his work, can make informed decisions and always has control over all processes. As a result, efficiency and effectiveness in maintenance processes increase significantly.


These value propositions can be experienced and redeemed in different intensity in one of the three following roadshow trails. The respective agendas of the workshops are individually tailored to the participants and agreed in advance.


The teaser trail includes a tour of the demonstrators at the partners. Accompanying lectures will examine the various facets of the design and implementation of new use cases for the industry. Discussion forums complete the offer by encouraging reflection and giving the participants concrete ideas.

Duration: approx. ½ day


Participants bring their concrete scenarios to this intensive trail. Based on the actual situation, we perform a requirement analysis with the participants. We identify which aspects of the competence spectrum of the partners can and should be combined in such a way as to provide the participant with the greatest possible benefit. The participants receive a concrete calculation incl. Return of investment.

Duration: approx. 1 day


In this intensive one week trail, we take time for individual participants and go through the following program:

    • Monday: Discovery Workshop (see Intensive Discovery Workshop)
    • Tuesday: conception of the prototype
    • Wednesday: implementation/realization
    • Thursday: implementation/realization
    • Friday: evaluation, final presentation

After the sprint the participants have a concrete idea about which use cases can be realized with which effort and what benefits they provide. The participants receive a concrete calculation incl. Return of investment and a working prototype.

Duration: 5 days


A physical live demonstrator will be built and shown, which will merge the following components and systems:

    • Management of maintenance orders and parts lists in an SAP system
    • Distribution of maintenance orders to the technicians’ industrial apps, including active notification (push notifications)
    • Aggregate live data with and without IoT solutions, as well as aggregate, evaluate, deploy, and distribute that data to map the maintenance scenario
    • Visualization of the data as maintenance checklists in the Industrial App
    • Visualization of the data in a 3D model (digital twin)
    • Acknowledgment of maintenance orders in the SAP system from the Industrial App

The partners show how the individual partial solutions are realized with the tools and processes of the partners:

    1. Making available the relevant process data and measured values with and without IoT solutions
    2. Configuration and modeling of the Enterprise Service Bus TransConnect for integration of subsystems as well as aggregation and pinpoint distribution of relevant data
    3. Automated design of the digital twin as a 3D model from the existing CAD data of the machines as well as linking the relevant points with process data and measured values
    4. Designing the Industrial Apps, linking relevant data, integrating the 3D model and automated development and deployment for iOS and Android – at the push of a button and without programming

Current Projects:

    1. KoMMDia, cooperative human-machine dialogue in the diagnosis and elimination of disturbances in processing plants (joint project, BMBF)
    2. 3IN Cloud, IoT Big Data Analytics Platform & Industrial Apps (Shanghai Innovation Center)
    3. Top floor integration (ERP, MES) in the IoT Testbed of HTW Dresden and Digital Factory of TU Chemnitz
    4. 3D real time visualization for the operation of well systems with secure access to the main server in order to show all parameters and sensors inclusive deriving of the threat situation and dynamic terrain sections
    5. 3D-Asset-Editor for automatic processing of CAD (R&D project, SAB)
    6. 3D real time configuration for a famous vendor of pumping systems and metal profiles
    7. 3D logistics center for an electronics company

Opportunities for Projects and Funding Instruments:

    • Discovery Workshops
    • Proof-of-concept sprints
    • Consulting in the area of system and process integration, IoT and Industrial Apps as well as 3D visualization and VR
    • Comprehensive service and integration projects
    • Acquisition of product licenses
    • Support instruments for the implementation of scientific projects in the context of applied SME research, also gladly hand in hand with Fraunhofer institutes and/or universities

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