Digital Innovation Lab

Short Description:

Digital transformation via Smart Systems brings with it not only technological challenges but also increased demand for innovation and cooperation with partners. It’s not only about generating as many ideas as possible but also about continuing to develop and test these efficiently, and finally to produce customer value not yet achieved.


In doing so, the “Digital Innovation Lab” trail helps to successfully implement co-innovations with a creative format. As the logical continuation of classic design thinking workshops, the work done here on business ideas is, however, much more detailed and these are developed into customer pitches and prototypes and tested on real customers.


Jeanette Trenkel, T-Systems Multimedia Solutions GmbH

Target Group(s):

Professionals and managers from product and service development with a need for digitization. Ideally, the attendees already have a clear question or a collection of their initial ideas that they would like to work on.

Partner from Research, Industry:

    • Dresden University of Applied Sciences: IIoT Lab as a potential workshop space
    • T-Systems Multimedia Solutions GmbH: workshop moderation, project management and development specialists
    • Other local partners in the IoT value chain according to specific need and customer problem, e.g. suppliers of hardware and software platforms, connectivity and sensors/actuators

Value Proposition:

Pain Killers:

In the age of hyper-innovation through digital transformation it’s all about quickly and efficiently implementing new ideas on the market. As such, companies today are exposed to increasingly disruptive competitors on the one hand. And on the other, the time, expertise and even the right environment are lacking—not only to generate ideas but also to continue developing them and to test them. In addition to the appropriate methods, this also requires creative space, new impressions and interdisciplinary collaboration. Therefore, when dealing with innovation projects you have to get out of your comfort zone, consult outside experts and actively make time for this.

Gain Creators:

The attendees of the trails will profit from the expertise of T-Systems Multimedia Solutions and other partners, not only from consultation on digital transformation but also in the implementation of the relevant pilot projects and customer solutions. Here visualization will support the participants’ power of imagination, clarify the details and mode of operation, making it possible to develop them directly into prototypes.


A teaser trail and intensive trail are offered:

Teaser Trail

Digitization makes many new, innovative approaches possible. Whether it’s new processes, smart products, new services or even business models: innovations are meant to be actively shaped to truly develop them into relevant business drivers. But how do you do this without spreading yourself too thin? How do you know what innovations are worth investing in? What pitfalls should you watch out for and how do you drive innovation in the midst of everyday stress? In a 4-hour workshop, T-Systems Multimedia Solutions GmbH—using concrete, practical examples—will present you with a tried and tested innovation process, give you an overview of various creation methods and explain where design thinking can help you. You’ll have the chance to try out a creation method in the workshop itself. You’ll learn why it’s smart to develop a prototype or showcase ahead of time, what kinds of prototype there are and when it makes sense to use them.

Duration: 4 hours

Intensive Trail

Attendees of the intensive trail can select from four different offers:


1. Idea generator: 1-day workshop with intensive preparation and follow-up on the development of various innovative ideas and solution scenarios for the attendees’ concrete questions.

2. Pressure Cooker: 1-week co-innovation workshop with a team of specialists from T-Systems Multimedia Solutions and possibly other partners about the IoT value chain with a complete run-through of the entire innovation process all the way to the creation of a simple prototype.

3. Prototype Your Idea: Approximately 5-week co-innovation project with a team of specialists for the development of an idea provided by one of the participants into a complete prototype that will be tested with potential customers.

4. All In One: Approximately 7-week complete course uniting all the previously mentioned modules. A team of specialists accompanies the participants through the entire innovation process from brainstorming all the way to the tested prototype with various methods of development.

The workshops and co-innovation projects can take place at suitable locations within the Hub according to what the attendee would like, e.g. in the ample spaces provided by T-Systems Multimedia Solutions, in the IIoT testbed of the Dresden University of Applied Sciences or at a selected co-working space.

Duration: 1 day to approx. 7 weeks depending on the offer selected

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