hub consult. Law, Taxes, Insurance and Corporate Finance for Start-ups and the IT Industry

Short description:

Under the heading hub consult, three consulting companies specializing in the IT sector have joined forces to offer tailor-made advice in the fields of law, taxation, insurance and corporate finance.

The services are tailored to the special needs of the high-tech industry with a focus on software, hardware, connectivity and the IoT.


Gotthard Thessel, hub consult

Key Facts:

Duration of the trail:

2 hours

Contents of the trail:

Within the framework of a networked and coordinated concept, hub consult offers a two-hour trail input on legal, tax, business management and insurance-related topics as well as an initial assessment of the (start-up) business models in relation to specific problem areas.

Sequence of the trail:

Presentation of the business model by start-ups/IT companies:

Questions about the business model based on the above-mentioned topics by hub consult experts

Concrete initial assessment by the hub-consult experts in the following problem areas:

  • Is the business model as such consistent in terms of IT legislation and feasible? Or do fundamental obstacles already exist?
  • Are the individual functionalities and workflows compliant? Do they meet the requirements of data protection, in particular, or do they need to be revised?
  • Are there special liability risks and how can they be reduced?
  • What further steps and measures are recommended?

Particular attention is paid to data protection, competition law, consumer protection and distance selling law, product safety and product liability as well as IT liability risks. In addition, questions of the optimum corporate form, tax-optimized structuring, financing and business planning as well as insurance aspects relevant to the IT industry will be examined.

Target Group(s):

 IT companies, system houses, data centers, IT service providers, IT start-ups, APP developers


The trail has a workshop character.


The following companies are behind hub consult:

esb Rechtsanwälte is the leading law firm in Central Germany specializing in information technology. From the Dresden office alone, four lawyers specializing in information technology law and another IT/IP expert advise the IT sector in Germany and abroad. The consulting covers all the typical questions affecting start-ups and IT companies, from legal aspects of the business model (e.g., trademark and competition law, distribution law, antitrust law, data protection), to legal advice on the establishment of new companies, including the drafting of company, service and employment contracts, as well as the legally compliant development of the distribution model, procurement, the necessary IT contracts and ongoing legal IT support.
Sodalitas is the only insurance broker in Central Germany specializing in the protection of IT risks. Independent of insurance companies and competent in claims handling, Sodalitas acts as a trustee-like administrator, providing insurance cover, in particular, for IT liability insurance (operating, product, financial, and environmental damage) as well as cyber risks (data protection infringement, business interruption, expenses for the replacement of computer storage data, blackmail threats and remuneration payments). Furthermore, Sodalitas offers coverage for D&O, property, legal expenses, group accident and business travel risks. Sodalitas is also competent in the areas of guarantees, bad debts, factoring and company pensions.
eureos stands for a comprehensive interdisciplinary and personal consulting approach and offers individual and highly specialized solutions for all questions concerning tax and business law, auditing and business consulting. eureos supports clients nationally and internationally and has its own offices in Leipzig, Dresden and Chemnitz. A special focus of our consulting work is on technology and IT-oriented start-ups. Companies benefit from our comprehensive know-how in the fields of tax structuring and tax planning, M&A, financing and subsidy advice.

Value Proposition:

Pain Killers

hub consult minimizes existential risks. Both start-ups and established companies in the IT industry are confronted with constantly growing legal and tax-related requirements as well as business and technical risks. hub consult helps you to develop in accordance with the legal and fiscal framework and to reduce the remaining risks to a minimum in the long term.

hub consult unburdens the Management. Many start-ups and IT companies lose valuable time because of management becoming involved in tasks which better should be assigned to external consultants only due to their complexity. hub consult takes over these tasks and helps the management to concentrate on the essentials.

hub consult avoids costs. Start-ups in particular, but also IT companies that are already established in the market, have a choice between mandating expensive consulting firms or using incomplete and case-by-case consulting services. hub consult opens up a third way of providing both inexpensive and highly specialized consulting services via the hub consulting concept.

hub consult avoids redundancies and offers reduced start-up rates. The companies cooperating within hub consult closely coordinate their services within the framework of the hub consult concept. In this way, functioning interfaces between the individual services are created, thereby avoiding unnecessary redundancies and additional costs. Special start-up rates help entrepreneurs to reduce the costs of the start-up and consolidation phase to a minimum. hub consult helps to save costs.

Gain Creators

hub consult ensures optimum tax planning. Experienced lawyers and tax advisors accompany start-ups and other IT companies through the thicket of tax law. From the very beginning. After all, intelligent designs and structures are prerequisites for the acquisition of equity capital and a possible tax-saving exit. hub consult not only develops tax strategies, but also implements them. To enable start-ups and IT companies to concentrate on their core business, hub consult helps to save taxes.

hub consult takes care of the legal protection of the assets. Regardless of whether it is a matter of company shares, inventions, know-how, brands, names, processes, products, machines, land, buildings or other assets, hub consult helps to legally secure the corporate values and assets of the shareholders.

hub consult develops distribution. The growing IT company needs proven and innovative sales concepts. Small and large IT companies quickly reach their legal limits here, because e-commerce law, data protection, foreign trade law, EU antitrust law or distribution law, including commercial agency law, open up as many possibilities as limits. hub consult can draw on tried and tested best practices and helps to develop innovative sales concepts from these.

hub consult finds the right insurance policy for start-ups and IT companies, completely neutral and without any ties to any particular insurer. This opens up the market for discerning customers in Germany, Europe and on the international stage. Larger and more experienced customers in particular will usually ask for adequate insurance against IT risks. In addition, start-ups and IT companies gain important leeway in the negotiation of the extent of their liability and contractual penalties. hub consult will also clearly explain which insurance policy is not required or whether an existing insurance policy is already sufficient. hub consult helps to find the right insurance policies.

hub consult supports start-ups and established IT companies in all questions of operational financing. Within the scope of a business plan review, experts from hub consult ensure that the respective addressees find the information they expect in the business plan.  Professional business plans are the basis for all financing discussions and, at the same time, serve as a guide to achieving the company’s own strategic goals.

hub consult avoids financing bottlenecks. Integrated corporate planning provides start-ups and IT companies with an overview of operational finances and creates valuable scope for reaction to financiers and other stakeholders. hub consult prepares transactions, whether as buyer or seller. hub consult is a one-stop shop for the execution and implementation of due diligence processes, company valuations and contract negotiations.

hub consult is therefore the safe and inexpensive companion for start-ups and the IT industry in all legal, tax, insurance and corporate finance issues.


Recommendations on hub consult’s consulting services are available from the following persons:

dresden|exists, TU Dresden

Katrin Kahle, contact person for advising company entrepreneurs from the Technical University of Dresden, especially in the IT sector

Mrs. Kahle is available to provide you with a verbal reference.

Sengi GmbH, Halle (Saale)

Franz Weisbrich, Managing Director

A reference letter from Mr. Weisbrich can be downloaded here.


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