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Short Description:

Digitization has brought with it far-reaching changes and is making its way through all value chains of all kinds of companies and sectors. On the one hand, this creates great insecurity in the economy, while on the other it also holds enormous potential. Particularly the interconnection of intelligent digital systems makes it possible for the industry to become optimized and structured more efficiently. In the Digital Transformation Consulting workshops offered, experts will help you to systematically recognize and take advantage of these opportunities. Special attention is given here to the business models and business potential that result from digital transformation and have their origin in digital platforms. Here companies of different value chains typically incorporate additional software-based services, e.g. for evaluation, tracking, accounting or safety functions. Through the use of standardization, the services in the ecosystem can complement each other (e.g. identification, payment and supply services of various services on the platform) so as to achieve positive effects of interconnectedness, ideally. This creates a value system analogous to an ecosystem based on many individual business models.


Christopher Kögler, T-Systems Multimedia Solutions GmbH

Target Group(s):

Professionals and managers from product and service development with a need for digitalization.

Partner from Research, Industry:

    • T-Systems Multimedia Solutions GmbH: workshop moderation, digital experts and project management
    • Other local partners in the IoT value chain in a customized consultation project according to a specific need, e.g. suppliers of hardware and software platforms, connectivity and sensors/actuators

Value Proposition:

Pain Killers:

When organizing digital transformation, companies have the following typical questions pop up again and again:

    • What exactly is digital transformation and what does it mean for my business model?
    • Where do I currently stand in regard to digital transformation?
    • The topic of digital transformation is so complex, how can I approach it in a strategic way and in small steps?
    • We already have many individual projects, how can I manage this in terms of organization?
    • What large-scale digital trends are relevant to me for my medium-sized company?
    • Why do our employees refuse to work with new technologies?
    • What do our customers actually want and what digital services do they expect?

The various Digital Transformation Consulting workshops help answer exactly these questions for your specific company, its market and its customers.

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Gain Creators:

The digital experts at T-Systems Multimedia Solutions GmbH and, as needed, our partners will help the attendees:

    • …create common understanding of concepts through idea suggestions, moderated discussions and brainstorming sessions.
    • …with siting including maturity level analyses.
    • …with the structured, methodical development of a digital strategy.
    • …with ideas on digital trends and innovations, even from other sectors.
    • …with developing use cases and implementation planning.
    • …with developing and implementing an individual digital strategy adjusted for company size and market demands.
    • …with developing service concepts using tried-and-tested design thinking methods.


The attendees can choose from a teaser module (Idea workshop: format S) as well as three workshops that build on each other (M, L, XL), where the XL module is an individual consulting project.

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The workshops can take place at suitable locations within the Hub according to what the attendee would like, e.g. in the ample spaces provided by T-Systems Multimedia Solutions GmbH or at the customer’s location.


Potential modules of the Digital Transformation idea Workshop (s):
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Digital maturity Level Workshop (M) Process:
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Digital strategy Workshop (L) process:
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