Hitchhiker’s Guide to the IoT

Showcase I – iSAX Teaser – “From the Sensor to the Cloud and Back Again”

Short Description:

During a lecture and a short presentation, the guests are introduced to the fundamental¬ questions regarding the IoT:

    • What can it do for my company?
    • How much IoT does my company need?
    • What are others doing in the environment?
    • How does one proceed in IoT projects?

On the basis of questions and examples, these matters are presented in an understandable way and an overview is provided of the basic principles that should be clarified before an IoT. Videos of reference solutions for customers or our IoT-partner’s customers may also be shown, e.g. the YouTube Video “Flowserve”.

Target Group(s):

Industry4.0 managers in the semiconductor industry, electronics manufacturing, automotive suppliers, logistics, engineering, system & plant engineering, medical Technology

Partner from Research, Industry:

    • TU Dresden (Faculty of Computer Science, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering),
    • HTW Dresden (IIoT TestBed),
    • TU Chemnitz – Mittelstandszentrum 4.0,
    • Fachhochschule Zwickau,
    • E4TC Aachen,
    • Fraunhofer Institute,
    • Smart Electronic Factory e.V.,
    • Silicon Saxony e.V. – IoT Focus Team,
    • PTC and numerous local Saxon companies

Value Proposition:

Based on specific IoT use cases, find out what the Internet of Things really means, get ideas and suggestions as to which values can be created or obtained with this in your own environment and take the fear out of new technologies.


Plant Manager

With the help of an easy-to-follow teaching and learning application called Plant Manager, we provide you with the answers to your questions on the Internet of Things. Based on this IoT application, we show you the data’s path from the sensor via the Edge device to the Cloud.

The Edge device uses the ESP8266EX micro controller from Espressif. This is used to address the sensors and publish the information in the Cloud via wireless LAN. In addition to humidity and temperature sensors (for example DHT22 or SHT30), sensors for measuring soil moisture, temperature and light irradiation are also used (sensors made by Catnip Electronics). It is also possible to connect other sensors, for example location, acceleration and position sensors from Bosch Sensortec and innumerable others. In a specific project, we show you how quickly other sensors can be connected.
The plant (Thing) is then visualised on a monitor and an Augmented Reality application is used to show how plants (Things) can also be monitored at other locations.

Component monitoring during maintenance

We also demonstrate to you how components are monitored and displayed during maintenance with modern IoT technologies. In addition to the direct data regarding the components, environmental factors and other circumstances are observed and related to occurring events.
This system enables the customer to find out why certain components fail. This means that the component can subsequently be improved. The customer increases its service quality and reduces downtime costs and maintenance costs.

Current Projects:

Various showcases and Proof-of-Concepts for customised solutions in the areas of Industry 4.0 and IoT. Training, courses and coaching on PTC ThingWorx.

Opportunities for Projects and Funding Instruments:

Initial Project

With the help of an initial project, the use of Industry 4.0 can be demonstrated to company decision makers based on a simple application (outlay 1-2 weeks).
This is implemented using ThingWorx, one of the leading IoT platforms with a fully integrable IoT ecosystem, with open interfaces and a Rapid Application Development approach.
After analysing the use case (1-2 PT) and defining the desired decision criteria for evaluating the solution, we implement a suitable solution using ThingWorx (5 PT).
Then we discuss the solution with you during a workshop (0.5 PT) and, if so required, link any necessary systems for demonstration purposes. After the workshop, we improve the usability (2 PT) of the solution, so that you can present the Industry 4.0 project to the relevant decision-making bodies and, ideally, request a budget or get started on further steps.

ShowCase with Thingworx

With the help of ShowCases, we show you technological possibilities using fast prototypes on the iSAX demo environment (outlay approx. 20 PT, duration 1-2 months).

    1. We analyse an existing Industry 4.0 task (technical concept) and find a suitable implementation variant.
    2. We implement the analysed task prototypically on our ThingWorx platform.
    3. During a workshop, we introduce the prototypes to you and carry out an evaluation together. Ideally, this can be used immediately for further brainstorming.
Proof-of-Concept (PoC) with ThingWorx

We support you in the development and implementation of the first pilot applications to test Industry 4.0 scenarios (max. 3 use cases) in the customer or target environment (outlay approx. 40 PT, duration 3-4 months).

      1. We analyse and specify the UseCases evaluated in the pilot application.
      2. We implement the use cases designed prototypically on our ThingWorx platform.
      3. After a defined test phase, we evaluate the findings of the PoC with you and your team and derive further recommendations for action.
Individual Customer Project for the Implementation of IoT BusinessCases

Showcase II – iSAX Intensive 1 – “Predictive Maintenance”

Short Description:

Whether for beginners, intermediates or makers – iSAX offers you a tailor-made IoT workshop on the subject of predictive maintenance. The objectives and agenda of the workshop can be individually designed.

Regardless of whether you are a company with smart products, networked machines or on-demand services, you have to overcome your future challenges. iSAX is a regional partner in the area of production automation and intelligent networked production. iSAX offers a comprehensive range of services as well as training and workshops on the Internet of Things & Services, Big & Smart Data and Cloud.

If the customer wants to optimise his maintenance and service processes, he will also look for solutions that follow non-traditional paths. These include, for example, the use of machine, sensor and ambient data for better maintenance planning, error analysis for better decision support and the use of analysis models for predictions, right up to the development of a regional service network. iSAX develops the solution idea and the approach to implementation with you.

Value Proposition:

For Beginners: You know little about IoT and want an individual overview of the possibilities and use scenarios of IoT technologies.

For Seekers: You are in the know and are looking for specific use scenarios for your industry or company.

For Advanced Users: You have a specific scenario in mind, e.g. for your company, and want to create a concept..

For Integrators: Do you have a specific scenario and would like to know whether ThingWorx is right for you? We help you to evaluate the platform.

Showcase III – iSAX Intensive 2 – “ThingWorx as an Integration Platform”

Short Description:

Do you have a multitude of different applications and services at your company and want or need to connect them to each other? Spare yourself the complex and costly development of interfaces, new systems and applications.

At iSAX, we help you to use ThingWorx as a central data hub and to create simple applications quickly, which make everyday life in your systems easier for you.

We help our customers to implement their business cases in an iterative process and develop first prototypes with them on the basis of the ThingWorx IoT platform.

The open, and extremely complete technology platform is one of the market leaders in the United States and, with its Rapid Application Development approach, also levels the way for medium-sized customers to collect, analyse and market the rapidly growing data volume of intelligent, networked products and systems or to integrate existing business systems with each other and into production.

Countless interfaces are provided in order to be able to integrate almost any system. If your system is not immediately integrable, our extensive knowledge of software development and our far-reaching network can help you. iSAX offers a comprehensive range of services as well as training and workshops on the IoT.

Value Proposition:

You have a scenario and want to create a first prototype, a Proof-of-Concept or a project on the basis of ThingWorx.


Central Sensor Data Analysis Tool

A central tool allows a company’s customer service personnel to upload machine log files via an external Web service. These log files are then automatically visualised and analysed. Through the automated process, customer service can ¬respond more quickly to events, errors and deviations.
Due to the automatic analysis using the analytics component of the ThingWorx IoT platform, anomalies in the log file data and thus problems at the machines (e.g. bearings, spindle, etc.) can be detected earlier and misuses by the end customer (warranty) can be proven. Using the collected data from the machine history, the detected deviations and correlations between the data, the analysis model can be improved with the machine learning approach and standard deviations can be reacted to “proactively”.

iSAX Infrastructure Manager

Our Infrastructure Manager serves as a central dashboard and management tool in order to provide multiple distributed resources within a central application (asset management). The data are collected from the various systems, prepared and made usable based on roles, so that everyone has an effective and efficient view of the “Things” of relevance to them.

Showcase IV – iSAX Module

Short Description:

We develop the iSAX module together with regional and national partners. Cooperation agreements and partnerships currently exist, among others, with the following institutions, companies and networks:

        • HTW Dresden – Industrial IoT Test Bed (already integrated in the HTW module),
        • TU Chemnitz – Mittelstandszentrum 4.0,
        • Fachhochschule Zwickau – Big & Smart Data,
        • TU Dresden (Faculty of Computer Science, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering),
        • several Fraunhofer Institutes (IWU, IML, …),
        • E4TC Aachen,
        • Silicon Saxony e.V. – IoT Focus Team (AIS, Bosch Sensortec, Comm Solid, Dresden Electronik, FhG ENAS, FhG IIS, FhG IPMS, IBM, Infineon, T-Systems MMS, …)
        • Smart Electronic Factory e.V. (http://www.smart-electronic-factory.de/home/partner/mitglieder/),
        • AWS & PTC und
        • numerous local Saxon companies.

Based on specific technical and technological IoT topics, we will also collaborate with partners from other modules and with other smart system hubs (e.g. logistics).


Heike Vocke, iSAX GmbH & Co. KG

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