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Slide sets to join the Smart Systems Hubs

On 4th of December 2017, a first workshop with various stakeholders of the Smart Systems Hub took place at the SAP Dresden office. The initial team presented its current state of work and discussed the status quo with the other participants. The day was concluded by the 1st Smart Systems Hub Meet-up. The results of the workshop were presented and a profound insight on the different Trails, esp. the Smart Sensor and Production Systems for Industrial IoT Trail, was provided. Further, the first image film of the Hub (on German) was introduced.

Links to the slides (on German):

Interfaces between excellent research and efficient and innovative businesses

Core of the Dresden Hub concept is the so-called Co-Innovation Center: The Hub brings together outstanding features of Saxony as a centre of business and science as well as the aspects internationality and connection of SMEs, Start-ups, academia and major corporations. Start-ups as well as well-established companies are, thus, able to affiliate temporary or permanent with research institutions in their direct neighbourhood.

A central Hub Office coordinates development, operation and networking of the Hub. It promotes the linkages of the whole Hub and its stakeholders inside and outside, accompanies actively the coordination of innovation processes and transfer measures and executes the necessary services. A Conference Center, an Hub Embassy, a Pub as well as the Dresden environment will cater for a „Campus-Feeling“ within the Smart Systems Hub – Enabling IoT.

Joint events such as Meet-ups, Code-Jams, Hackathons and new formats for issues like “Culture and Mind Change” will encourage a lively exchange. Mentoring for issues such as Design Thinking, Business Model Innovation, Lean Start-up and Entrepreneurship shall lead young companies and start-ups to interesting business models within a short amount of time. Joint projects and clients will promote innovations and put forth new products and services.

Such an environment provides the possibility to shape – together with the engaged institutions – a “Street of Experience”. Co-Working-Spaces, Design-Thinking, Hands-on-Experience, Venture-Consultations, Start-up-Communities and the university campus with relevant institutes and labs: all of these will lower the entry threshold for start-ups and small and medium-sized companies to the engaged institutions from academia and economy and provide possibilities to create a nationally and internationally visible innovation cosmos.

If you would like any more information or to take part in the Hub concept please do not hesitate to contact us.